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Looking back

I seriously wish I did my senior year way differently.

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Someone move to Texas with me!?!?!?
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Nothing lasts
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Happy Easter from Lilly and I :)

Happy Easter from Lilly and I :)

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I dont understand how someone who once was in love with you can be so mean.

I don’t get it

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I want to be pretty,

I also wish I had style and nice clothes.

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It really is such an amazing feeling knowing I have so many friends that are always there for me. When I’m down they bring me right up. Things have been hard and people say it gets better. It hasn’t but by all the friends that I have by my side they are definitely showing me I have something to be happy about. Hearing them tell me they are here for me anytime, even friends I just became closer with, is so great. Friends are all I need right now. A boy will come along but I’m not looking. I just sucks that I don’t even really have the one people I want as a friend, in my life. Well things change and people change. It just sucks how much people change and it’s even worse when it’s the one you though would never changed. Anyways, I’m just happy I have the friends in my life that I do and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing they all care so much about me.

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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.

If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.

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